About us - Cane di Fonni
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chi siamo

For several generations our family ran a farm where the Fonni’s dog has always played the pivotal role of valuable contributor and valid defense for the property.
In all these years we have been committed in the selection of working dogs, keeping the typical character and the morphological standard, to ensure strong dogs with great attitude. All litters are planned with great care, starting from the choice of  the subjects for the pair, considering all their physical potential , character and work attitude, but also by carefully choosing the time when the puppies would grow, preferring winter and spring, or the period where sheep give birth.
This is indeed a very delicate moment and full of temptations, especially for puppies, characterized by strong odors and inviting situations that awaken their predatory instinct.
Our dogs follow a health program agreed with our veterinarian who is to periodically monitor their health and needs depending on age and working duties. The puppies leave our kennel provided with all documentation,microchipped and with vaccination protocol, not before the third month of age.
With the new owner we establish a relationship of trust and our family remains a focal point for advice and information for the entire lifespan of the dog.