Puppies - Cane di Fonni
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Foto di L. Spennacchio

From the first months the puppies grow together with newborn lambs so their attitude is tested. When lambs call mothers with energy – a situation that especially in puppies awakens an innate curiosity that if unchecked becomes predatory instinct – the puppy is rewarded depending on the behavior.
Eating the placenta of sheep or milking colostrum directly into the bowl, will lead them to associate the sheep to something that must be protected with patience and dedication.
Maiting is exclusively targeted, priority is given to the needs of selection and not to the commercial ones. The newborns are sold only to the owner that shows a sincere interest in the breed selection.
Waiting list for a puppy is normally not less than one year.
We believe that the value of the dog is inseparable from the value of the owner, and then adopt a philosophy of custody for the proper evaluation of the puppy and the owner, the owner must be able to handle it in the best way.
We entrusted puppies to people who wanted a guard dog for a large garden that had undoubted satisfaction, or to farmers who have used them in the work of guard and defense, some Fonni’s dog are getting very good results in training for institutional activities for emergency purposes.